Ccarpenter25,NinaXMom, NinaTheWizard and others have worked together to set up and amazing marathon to help benefit the Alzheimer's Association! This is very personal for Annie (NinaXMom) and Carrie (NinaTheWizard) because their loved one passed away recently from Dementia. Annie's mother and Carrie's grandmother suffered for nearly a decade with this cruel disease and finally lost her battle on May 19th of this year. The Marathon will run from June 15th until June 25th.

Join the twitch and hitbox communities as we rally to raise funds for research! The goal is to raise as much money as possible to help the Alzheimer's Association continue to spread the word about this disease, create programs to heal those suffering and their families and continue the research that is so needed.

All donations will go straight to the Alzheimer's Association! If you would like to donate click the "donate" button down below. If you can't donate you can still help by tweeting this website, spreading the word and coming to the casts! Follow the official twitter of the marathon here: @KumoriNina for links to casts and things! Tweet #ON3 in support of this marathon and show the love!

Why Donate?

Dementia is impacting grandparents across the world but it is also starting to impact younger people. It could be your parents, your aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents impacted by this disease. None of you can say that you did not know someone with Dementia. Because my beloved Granny did and we will keep her message and memory alive through you.

Dementia is the loss of mental functions, such as thinking, memory, and reasoning, that is severe enough to interfere with a person's daily life. Dementia is not a disease itself but rather a group of symptoms that may accompany certain diseases or conditions. Symptoms may involve changes in personality, mood, and behavior.

Dementia develops when the parts of the brain that are involved with learning, memory, decision-making, and language are affected by injury or disease. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer's disease, which is considered responsible for at least half of all cases of dementia. However, there are as many as 50 other known causes of dementia, but most of these causes are very rare.

Although many diseases that cause dementia are not curable, some forms of dementia may improve greatly when the underlying cause is treated. For instance, if dementia is caused by vitamin or hormone deficiencies, the symptoms may resolve once the problem has been corrected. Therefore, dementia symptomsrequire comprehensive evaluation, so as not to miss potentially reversible conditions. The frequency of "treatable" causes of dementia is believed to be about 20%.

Dementia is a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities.
Although dementia mainly affects older people, it is not a normal part of ageing.
Worldwide, 35.6 million people have dementia and there are 7.7 million new cases every year.
Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and may contribute to 60.70% of cases.
Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide.
Dementia has physical, psychological, social and economical impact on caregivers, families and society.
For more information on the Alzheimer's Association you can go to their website